The case of Tanja Mayer from Singen

Tanja Mayer, a travel agent from Singen on Lake Constance, had disappeared from
her home without trace in November 2008. By leafleting campaigns and by all means
possible, her parents had unsuccessfully tried to find her.

A freelance TV reporter, a former colleague of mine, had interviewed the Mayer family for
ZDF and RTL TV stations. On his way back from Singen he decided to consult me.
Then the Mayer family called me and sent a foto of Tanja.

I had the inspiration that Tanja Mayer was dead and that her body was lying in Lake
Constance at a certain spot that I marked on a map of Lake Constance.
The same night I informed the Mayers about my inspiration.

They in turn asked the coastguard police to dive and look for their daughter, which they
did in December 2008, when Lake Constance was frozen. They did not find Tanja Mayer
then. But during a diving exercise in June 2009 divers of the coastguard police found
Tanja Mayers dead body 800 meters away from the spot that I had marked on the map.

The Mayer family is prepared to confirm this report and has consented that their
telephone number is given to any person that would like to talk to them for honest,
personal reasons.

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